Lord Mayor urges Oxford to pull together to beat coronavirus

Published: Friday, 2nd October 2020

The Lord Mayor of Oxford, Cllr Craig Simmons is urging Oxford residents to pull together to beat coronavirus and avoid additional lockdown measures being imposed on the City.

"This is a critical time. We all need to re-double efforts to suppress infections if we are to avoid stricter lockdown measures in the city. This is not just about protecting the present economy of our city, though that is important; it is about saving the lives of vulnerable people and protecting the future for younger people.

“So I want to impress on everyone once again how important it is to adhere to the rules. Stick to the rule of six in all gatherings indoors and out, continue to follow guidance on washing hands, wear a face covering and maintain social distancing.” Together we’ll keep Oxford safe.”

Cllr Craig Simmons, Lord Mayor of Oxford.

Cllr Simmons has reinforced his message in a new video. To view the video visit Oxford City Council’s YouTube channel.