Council pilots video booth for residents for digital face to face customer contact

Published: Friday, 7th August 2020

The new world following the coronavirus pandemic has meant a greater reliance on the use of digital technology to meet daily needs. It also presents an opportunity to accelerate the use of digital communication tools in communities.

Oxford City Council is developing another way for residents to access Council services that will help them stay independent and keep safe in their homes.

Residents with access to digital communication technology on their computers or smartphones can now meet Council officers, virtually, in the comfort of their own home. When a customer contacts the Council to make an appointment, we can assess if one of our many Customer Service Officers can meet with them digitally from their home.

Video booth installed at Rose Hill

If they cannot do this, another option is to use the new video booth at Rose Hill Community Centre where a Customer Service Officer will be at the end of the call. The video booth has been set up with the help of Rose Hill and Donnington Advice Centre. 

An on-site member of staff will meet and greet customers and show them how to use the booth if they need help, as well as making sure all accessibility needs are catered for.

The video booth is available by appointment only, residents wanting to make an appointment should phone the council on 01865 249 811 and request to use the digital booth at Rose Hill.

The most vulnerable customers, who may need a face-to-face appointment, can get one at Rose Hill in a suitable setting, socially distanced, with a Perspex screen separating the participants.


Oxford City Council has long been at the forefront of extending digital and online access to its services. The current coronavirus crisis has proven how valuable these methods of delivering services are and I look forward to seeing the video booth at Rose Hill providing a new and convenient way for residents to access the information they need.

“Increased use of digital communication tools will improve digital inclusion and helping residents become more confident with digital tools and services and support the most vulnerable to access essential services, and develop digital skills. And at a time when social distancing is paramount it will help to safeguard the community and staff by limiting travel and potential exposure to the coronavirus.

“This is a pilot scheme and we’ll be listening to users’ feedback so we can review and improve this initiative based on their suggestions.” 
  Cllr Ed Turner, Oxford City Council Deputy Leader (Statutory).