City Council secured closure order to stop anti-social behaviour and drug dealing

Published: Friday, 17th July 2020

Oxford City Council has secured a closure order against a property in Eastern Avenue, Littlemore to stop antisocial behaviour and drug use at the property.

The closure order allows the tenant to remain in the property and restricts anyone from entering the property except for the resident, police officers, City Council officers and agents working on behalf of the organisations.

The order was granted by Oxford Magistrates Court on 17 July and lasts for three months.

The court heard that antisocial behaviour including noise, fighting, drunken behaviour and drug activity had been taking place at the property and by its visitors.

Oxford City Council worked with Thames Valley Police and neighbours to secure the closure Order. 

“We take issues of anti-social behaviour and drug dealing very seriously and take action when necessary to combat these issues. We secured this closure order to protect the tenant and neighbours in the area. If you, or somebody you know is experiencing anti-social behaviour next door, please get in touch with us by contacting
Councillor Louise Upton, Cabinet Member for a Safer, Healthier Oxford