Statement on George Floyd and racism in Oxford

Published: Wednesday, 3rd June 2020

A statement from Councillor Susan Brown, leader of Oxford City Council and cabinet member for economic development and partnerships:

“Like most people in our Oxford community and around the world I was shocked and outraged by the death of George Floyd. Oxford City Council stands in solidarity with his family and the Black Lives Matter network in condemning the actions that led to his death and campaigning for justice and against racism. We are with you.

“What is unfolding in the United States is sadly not unique as racism and discrimination are endemic in our society and across the world. Oxford City Council is committed to eradicating these injustices in our city as we understand that true diversity is essential to the health, happiness and sustainability of our community. Ours is a city of sanctuary where we want all people to feel equally valued and welcome.

“We also know that there is much progress to be made until our vision of a truly inclusive, people-focused and world-leading city is realised.

“Oxford City Council values individualism and freedom. We want everybody to have a voice, to not feel silenced and to be supported in speaking out. Our commitment to celebrating difference and championing diversity extends to every facet of people's lives. From home to the workplace and in the broader public arena, we are here to support anyone experiencing discrimination and bias, whether conscious or unconscious.

“Above all, at this time we are here to listen to people in our communities who are scared, angry and hurt by what we have been witnessing and by injustices they may face in their own lives.”