New Oxford Living Wage rate for 2020-21 announced

Published: Monday, 11th November 2019

Oxford City Council has announced a new Oxford Living Wage rate of £10.21 an hour, which will apply from April 2020.

The Oxford Living Wage is an hourly minimum pay that promotes liveable earnings for all workers and recognises the high cost of living in Oxford.

The rate of pay is set annually and linked to the Living Wage Foundation’s Real Living Wage. The Living Wage Foundation sets two rates, one for London and one for the rest of the country.  Oxford City Council has set the rate at 95% of the London Living Wage as Oxford is one of the most expensive cities in the country.

Living Wage Week

The announcement comes at the start of the Living Wage Foundation’s Living Wage Week, an annual celebration of what the campaign for a living wage has achieved. To mark the week Oxford City Council are holding a business event on Tues 12 November for employers to find out more about how the scheme works and how it can benefit businesses as well as employees. Speakers include the Oxford Bus Company, Righton Group and Aspire.

“The Oxford Living Wage recognises the high cost of living locally, especially for people in the lower paid jobs, and many employers are telling us it makes business sense for them too. The council is seeking to get more businesses coming on board, it’s easy to accredit and if they want to find out more or talk to businesses already paying the rate then get in touch with my team.

“A part of the rationale is also that better pay means people have more money to spend and that can boost the local economy.”

Matt Peachey, Oxford City Council Economic Development Manager 

To find out more about the Oxford Living Wage, how to accredit and who pays it visit our Oxford Living Wage page.

Accredited employers can use the Oxford Living Wage branding in their marketing materials, and are listed on the Oxford Living Wage we pages.

The Living Wage Foundation also announced its new rates for 2020 today.