Published: Thursday, 4 March 2021

The Gasworks Pipe Bridge, which links the Isis towpath with Friars Wharf and St Ebbe’s in Oxford city centre, has been temporarily closed due to concerns over its safety.

The bridge is owned and maintained by Oxford City Council, but as highway authority, the County Council is responsible for ensuring safe passage along the footpath. A decision has been taken to close the footpath across the bridge following a jointly funded structural assessment.

The City Council is now urgently commissioning further technical work to understand the options for addressing the safety concerns.

The assessment of the bridge identified that it could be at risk of collapse if it was overloaded, when combined with high winds.

There are two alternative nearby pedestrian routes across the river and diversion signs will be put in place to direct pedestrians to these bridges.

“The safety of the public is our paramount concern when it comes to these matters. There are alternative crossing facilities within a reasonable distance of the affected bridge, and diversionary routes will be in place for cyclists and pedestrians. We will continue to liaise and work with Oxford City Council to understand the best solution to repair or replace the structure.”

A spokesperson for Oxfordshire County Council

“The temporary closure of the bridge will undoubtedly cause some inconvenience for users, but the safety of the public must be the primary concern. We will now work swiftly with our partners at the County Council with the aim of examining options for the future of the bridge.” 

A spokesperson for Oxford City Council

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