Improvements and adaptations news

City Council invests over £2 million improving social housing stock for tenants

Published: Tuesday, 3rd July 2018

The City Council spent £2.3 million replacing 227 kitchens and 240 bathrooms in its social housing stock over the 2017-18 financial year to improve the quality of housing for its tenants.

  • Townsend Square improvement works gather pace

    Published: Thursday, 17th May 2018

    New parking bays for cars and bikes have now been completed at Townsend Square as part of the City Council’s ongoing £800,000 programme to refurbish the estate and benefit over 70 households.

  • Improvements made to flats and car parks as Barton regeneration gathers pace 

    Published: Tuesday, 24th January 2017

    The City Council has carried out improvement works on flats in Stowford Road and Bayswater Road and also refurbished several car parks in Barton as part of its £3.9 million ‘Investing in Barton’ regeneration programme.