Anti-idling air quality campaign

Negative effects of idling vehicles

Did you know?...

A recent study conducted by King’s college in London found that children are particularly at risk from the effect of idling vehicles because:

  • They tend to be more active and therefore breathe more deeply
  • They spend more time outdoors, so they are much more exposed to the effects of air pollution
  • They have smaller lungs, and a higher ventilation rate, which means that they will have more toxic air in their lungs, per unit area of their lungs

And also that…

  • Excessive idling is a waste of fuel and money, resulting in unnecessary negative environmental impact
  • People inside cars are exposed to high levels of air pollution, with children especially at risk of harmful effects
  • An idling vehicle emits 20 times more pollution than one travelling 32 mph
  • For each 1 litre of fuel used by a diesel engine, 2.64 kg of CO2 is released to the atmosphere

You can also view a short film highlighting air quality impact.