Recycling Bring Banks

Oxford City Council have removed the recycling bring banks currently located around the city. The phased removal took place throughout October 2023. Bring banks operated by ODS and independent charity-run banks that are co-located on Oxford City Council land have now been removed.

The decision to remove these banks is due to the comprehensive kerbside recycling services already provided to all Oxford City residents. Their removal will also resolve issues with contamination, misuse of the banks and reduce fly-tipping, all of which results in additional costs for Oxford City Council.

Now that the bring banks have been removed, ODS are cleaning all of the sites. They are also aiming to recycle the steel and plastic from the containers or to repurpose them for other uses. 

Find out how to recycle your textiles and electricals.

For more details, about what goes in your kerbside collection, please visit our Recycling webpages.

The sites where bring banks have been removed from are listed below:

  1. Cambridge Terrace, Albion Place, Carfax & Jericho, OX1 1RR
  2. Longford Close, Whitehouse Road, Hinksey Park, OX1 4NH
  3. Redbridge Park and Ride,, Abingdon Road, Donnington, OX1 4XG
  4. Ferry Hinksey Road, Botley,OX2 0BY
  5. Seacourt Park and Ride, Botley Road, Osney & St Thomas,OX2 0HP
  6. Cardigan Street, off King Street, Jericho, OX2 6BW**
  7. Ferry Leisure Centre, Ferry Pool Road, Summertown OX2 7DP
  8. Hawksmoor Road, Cutteslowe & Sunnymead, OX2 7UF
  9. Port Meadow Car Park, Godstow Road, Wolvercote, OX2 8PQ
  10. Atkyns Road, Wood Farm,Churchill,OX3 8RA
  11. Waitrose Car Park, Old High Street, Headington, OX3 9JT
  12. Underhill Circus, Barton & Sandhills, OX3 9LS
  13. Westlands Drive, Northway, OX3 9RA
  14. Tesco, Union Street, St Clements,OX4 1UT
  15. Southfield Park, Bartlemas Close, St Clements, OX4 2BG
  16. Marsh Road Car Park, Marsh Road, Temple Cowley, OX4 2HH  
  17. Hockmore Tower, Jackson Road, CowleyOX4 3YG
  18. St Nicholas Rd, Littlemore, OX4 4PP
  19.  Townsend Square, Donnigton Bridge Road, Donnigton - OX4 4BB
  20.  Friars Wharf, Trinity Street, Hinksey Park,OX1 1RU
  21. Pear Tree Park and Ride, Lakeside, Wolvercote, OX2 8JF
  22. St Clements Car Park, St Clements Street, St Clements, OX4 1AR

** Recycling Bring Banks at Cardigan Street

All recycling bring banks will be removed from the Community Recycling Centre at Cardigan St. This does not include the domestic waste and mixed recycling bins at this location which will not be removed at this time. The provision for domestic waste and mixed recycling for residents in Cardigan St and Guy Court that currently use these bins is being reviewed separately.

For more information about the bring bank removal project, pleae visit our FAQs page.

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