Tell us when someone dies

We understand the difficulties relatives and friends experience and the amount there is to organise when someone close passes away. However, we should be informed as soon as possible if an adult occupier of a property dies.

When someone passes away, we need the following information in order to update the Council Tax records:

  • The name of the deceased person and the date they passed away,
  • The address of the property they lived in,
  • The date when the property was, or is to be, cleared of all furniture and effects,
  • The names and addresses of any Executors or beneficiaries to the will,
  • The name and address of the appointed solicitor.

Tell us about a death

The property may be entitled to an exemption, or Council Tax liability may pass to another person. You must tell us if you are a joint owner of the property.

If the property was owned by the deceased and has been left empty

If the property has been left to a beneficiary in the Will, the beneficiary is liable for Council Tax from the date the owner passed away. The beneficiary may be able to claim an empty property discount depending on the circumstances.

If the property was jointly owned, the surviving owner is liable for Council Tax.

If the property has not been left to a beneficiary and the deceased person was the sole owner, an exemption is granted until the property is re-occupied or probate is granted. Following a grant of probate, if the property remains unoccupied and has not been sold or transferred, a further 6 months exemption may be granted.

If the property was rented by the deceased and has been left empty

We need to know the date the tenant passed away and the date their tenancy officially ends. The property will be exempt from Council Tax from the date of death until the date the tenancy ends.

We will also need to know the name and address of the landlord(s).

If there are 2 or more adults living in the property

Where there are more than 2 adults living in a property and one person dies, the Council Tax liability is immediately put in the name(s) of the remaining occupier(s).

If only one adult remains in the property, they should contact us.