Main Modifications Consultation

Oxford Local Plan 2036 Main Modifications Consultation 

To find out how the Council intend to publicise the final inspectors report (when received), and also inform you of the adoption of the Oxford Local Plan 2036 during the restrictions associated with the current covid-19 pandemic, please see the Oxford Local Plan 2036 page


The Oxford Local Plan 2036 was submitted for examination in March 2019, and public hearings took place in December 2019. 

As part of this examination process, the independent Local Plan inspectors have identified various amendments that they consider necessary to ensure the Plan is 'sound'. These are known as 'Main Modifications'. 

The Council prepared a schedule setting out the proposed Main Modifications considered necessary for the Local Plan to be found sound. This document, along with an associated Sustainability Appraisal of the Main Modifications were consulted upon during a 6 week consultation period from Friday 14th February to Friday 27th March 2020. 

The following documents were available for consultation: 

Although not forming part of the consultation, we also published the following documents for completeness:

Consultation Responses 

The consultation responses have now been published and are available to view: 

Reference Number Master List is also available to catalogue the consultation responses above by both the name of the person or body who submitted the representation and the reference identification number assigned to it. 

What happens next?

All comments relating to the Main Modifications to the Plan have now been submitted to the Inspectors via the Programme Officer. The Inspectors will now consider all the comments received and decide whether any further hearings are necessary, or any issues need to be revisited. The Inspectors will then present their final conclusion in a report. If the report concludes that the Local Plan is ‘sound’, the Council can adopt the Local Plan, subject to making the Modifications identified.