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Hannah McDairmid - trustee at VIP+

Hannah MacDairmid photoI work with other VIP+ trustees to support the work of the charity, which provides positive activities to children in the care system, in alternative education and at the hospital school. We are a very small charity, so it means that as a trustee I do both strategic and operational work. 

Day-to-day I spend some time supporting our member of staff who coordinates activities, exploring new partnerships to provide more activities to children and young people, or helping to write fundraising applications. During trustee meetings we review the work of the charity, our finances and our future plans. We also make sure that our member of staff has the support that she needs, and we discuss opportunities that may have come up to increase the support for the children we work with. 

Supporting VIP+ as a trustee is a great opportunity to support more children and young people through a larger organisation rather than simply as an individual. 

For those people who have volunteered for a while, becoming a trustee is a great opportunity to bring that experience to a charity board and help inform the direction and work of the organisation.

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