Background to Barton Healthy New Town


Barton Healthy New Town (BHNT) is one of ten sites chosen as part of NHS England’s Healthy New Towns programme. The programme aims to create innovative and sustainable ways for new developments to improve health and wellbeing in communities. Barton Healthy New Town was recently showcased at the World Health Organisation’s Healthy Cities Conference in October 2018. The overall aim of the project is: All Barton residents (Barton and Barton Park) have an equal opportunity to achieve good physical and mental health outcomes. NHS England funded the project from 2016 until March 2019. The Barton Healthy New Town Delivery Group are continuing to meet to sustain and embed the work from the programme within existing and new communities in Barton.

As part of the project, we keep an updated list of free and low cost health and wellbeing activities that are currently running in Barton. Several of these groups have received funding through Barton Healthy New Town.

The Barton project involves three different work areas: built environment; new models of care; and community activation. You can read more about these by clicking the links above. You can also read more about the overall aims of the project by downloading our 'logic model' document.

You can also watch our video series to find out more about the programme and its impact on residents. We have four videos available to watch, covering different aspects of the programme:

Barton Healthy New Town