Oxford Local Plan 2016-2036

The City Council has recieved the Inspectors’ Report into the soundness of the Oxford Local Plan 2036. As the Inspectors have recommend that the Local Plan should be adopted, the council intends to consider the adoption of the Plan in accordance with that recommendation at a full Council meeting to be held on 8th June 2020.

As current restrictions associated with the Covid-19 pandemic remain in effect, it is not possible for the City Council to deposit at its offices or elsewhere hard copies of the Inspectors’ report. If  the restrictions remain in effect in their present or similar form, if adopted, the adopted Local Plan and associated documents will also not be able to be deposited in these locations in hard copy format. This is because our Council offices and Oxford’s local libraries are currently closed and will continue to be closed until Government’s advice changes. In the event that the council officers and other venues remain closed or access is restricted, at the point at which, in normal circumstance, the deposit of documents would take place the Council will adopt additional measures to address the consequences of this unavoidable situation and ensure local people continue to be made aware of the progress of the local plan process and have access to documents associated with it. These measures can be found in our Measures relating to Covid-19 document.

Latest News

Publication of Inspectors’ Report

Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 (as amended) and the Town and Country Planning (Local Plans) (England) Regulations 2012

On March 22nd 2019 Oxford City Council submitted the Oxford Local Plan 2036 to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government along with an accompanying letter. The Secretary of State appointed the Planning Inspectorate (an agency of the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government) to review and examine Oxford’s Local Plan. The Planning Inspectorate then assigned two Inspectors, Jonathan Bore MRTPI and Nick Fagan MRTPI to carry out a review and examination of the Local Plan. The Oxford Local Plan 2036 public hearings took place in December 2019. Most recently, the Main Modifications consultation took place in late February - March 2020.

Notice is hereby given in accordance with section 20 (8) of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 and regulation 25 (1) (a) of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 that on 15th May 2020 Oxford City Council received the Inspectors’ Report.

The Inspectors concluded that with the recommended main modifications set out in the Appendix to their report, the Local Plan satisfies the requirements of Section 20(5) of the 2004 Act and meets the criteria for soundness in the National Planning Policy Framework.

The Inspectors’ Report into the Local Plan is available to view online.

For more details about examination, please see the Examination page.

What happens next?

The City Council will hold a Cabinet meeting on the 8th June 2020 to consider the contents of the Inspectors’ report and then make a decision on whether to formally adopt the Plan at full Council, also on the 8th June. The Oxford Local Plan together with some existing documents will then form the Development Plan. The policies within the Plan will then be used by the City Council to determine planning applications for the future development of Oxford up to 2036.

Oxford Local Plan Examination

Following the submission of the Oxford Local Plan 2016-2036 on 22 March 2019, Planning Inspectors Jonathan Bore MRTPI and Nick Fagan BSc(Hons) DipTP MRTPI have been appointed to undertake an independent examination into the soundness of the Oxford City Local Plan (the Plan).

For more details about the examination, please see the Examination page

As part of the submission to the Planning Inspectorate, a comprehensive library of all the documentation and evidence supporting the Local Plan was compiled. This library is available for public review on our website.

Please visit our Oxford Local Plan 2016-2036 Examination library.

The Statement of Submission outlines the location and availability of the Oxford Local Plan 2036 and supporting documents. 

Oxford Local Plan 2016-2036 - Background

The Local Plan is a vital document that sets out the shape of our city, and how it will look and feel in years to come. It will guide and shape new developments, so that they respect the past and present of Oxford, while improving its future by supporting our city’s people and their environment.

This new Local Plan will determine the homes, jobs, community facilities, and infrastructure for the next twenty years; striking the right balance between the different pressures that Oxford and its people face. It also sets out our priorities as a city.

It makes a priority of providing affordable housing and good quality jobs. It focuses growth and development on district centres - not just on the city centre - to make sure that facilities and services are close to home and more convenient for local residents. It encourages and prioritises walking, cycling, and public transport to help tackle congestion and pollution and make our city healthier.

A Local Plan needs to respect the city of previous generations while shaping the city of the generations to come. That is what the Oxford Local Plan 2016-2036 aims to achieve.

Once adopted, the Oxford Local Plan 2016-2036 will replace the Oxford Local Plan 2001-2016, the Core Strategy 2026, the Sites and Housing Plan, and the Policies Map 2013.

Previous Local Plan Consultation Documents

All documentation and evidence work from previous stages of the development of the Oxford Local Plan 2016-2036 (including the First Steps consultation of 2016, the Preferred Options consultation of 2017, and the Regulation 19 consultation of 2018) are available online. They can be found on our Local Plan documents page.