Request replacement or additional recycling and waste bins

If your wheelie bin has gone missing or is damaged, please report this to us using the contact details at the bottom of the page.

If you need a replacement or additional food recycling caddy, you can collect one from St Aldate's customer service centre or Marsh Road Depot (opening hours here).

Replacement and additional bins/food caddies are provided free of charge, however we make individual assessments to determine the capacity you require.

We no longer issue recycling boxes, so let us know which container has gone missing in order for us to investigate and ensure you have adequate facilities for your recycling and waste collections. This could take up to 10 working days.

Replacement bin sizes

180 litre capacity green rubbish bins are now our standard size; therefore any new or replacement green bins required in the future will be 180 litre. Our standard blue recycling bins are 240 litre capacity.

If you find that your green bin is too large, you can contact us for a smaller bin. If you find that your blue bin is too small, you can also contact us for a larger one. We provide the following wheelie bin sizes:

Bin type Height x width x  depth

180L Green Rubbish Bin (Standard Size)

107cm x 48cm x 74cm

240L Green Rubbish Bin

107cm x 58cm x 74cm

180L Blue Recycling Bin

107cm x 48cm x 74cm

240L Blue Recycling Bin (Standard Size)

107cm x 58cm x 74cm

360L Blue Recycling Bin

112cm x 66cm x 89cm

Getting an additional or larger bin

Some households may be entitled to a larger blue recycling bin or a larger green bin. Larger green bins will not be issued unless everything that can already be recycled, is being recycled; this includes food waste - if we find food waste in your green bin, we will not provide a larger one.

If you wish to be assessed for a larger or additional bin please email us using the details at the bottom of the page. Please make sure to include information on what bins you currently have (please specify what colour and size bins you have; a list of our bin sizes can be found above) and a daytime contact number.

If you are an HMO (House of Multiple Occupancy) or flat site, it is your landlord's responsibility to provide bins. Please ask your landlord to contact us directly.

Alternative to extra bins

You can place extra recycling neatly by the side of your blue recycling bin/sack, a cardboard box or a clear plastic bag. Please do not use black bin liners for recycling, as we are unable to take these to our processing plant. Extra recycling will be collected on your normal collection day. This may mean you don't need a larger bin.