Putting out extra waste

Extra rubbish is additional non-recyclable waste put out for collection next to or on top of your green wheelie bin.

If you regularly put out extra rubbish you can be served with a Fixed Penalty Notice of £80. Please don't let it happen to you. If you regularly generate excess rubbish, please contact us to discuss your needs (details at bottom of page).

Why it is a problem

  • It interferes with the collection round as it takes crews longer to collect, is less safe to load and costs more.
  • It is unsightly and can damage the local environment.
  • It has usually not been fully sorted for recycling.

What won't be collected 

  • Any additional rubbish placed by the side or on top of your green wheelie bin.
  • Larger items such as fridges, furniture or washing machines for which no collection arrangements (e.g. charity collection or bulky waste collection) have been made.

What will be collected

  • Lilac sacks we have provided to properties authorised to receive these (up to a maximum of 3 sacks per fortnight).
  • Any extra recycling on recycling days. Please put it neatly by the side of your blue bin, box or sacks on the day of collection in a clear bag or cardboard box. Large pieces of cardboard may also be collapsed and placed next to your blue bin, box or sacks.

Additional bins

If you regularly have more recycling than will fit in your blue bin or box, you may be entitled to a larger or additional bin. Please visit this page for more information.

If you live in a House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) or flat it is your landlord's responsibility to provide bins; please ask your landlord to contact us.