Collections for properties unable to store wheeled bins

For properties unable to store wheeled bins we can provide blue sacks for mixed dry recyclables and lilac sacks for waste. They are collected on an alternate weekly collection along with a weekly collection of a food recycling caddy.

Please note:

  • Lilac sacks, blue sacks and food caddies should not be put out any earlier than 6pm on the evening before your collection.
  • Lilac sacks, blue sacks and food caddies should be presented at the edge of your property for collection.
  • Lilac sacks, blue sacks and food caddies should not be stored on the pavement between collections as they can cause an obstruction.
  • Only three lilac sacks will be collected each fortnight. If you use more than this each fortnight please contact us.
  • Refuse waste should only be presented in the lilac sacks provided by Oxford City Council, black sacks will not be collected.
  • Please use lilac sacks for refuse waste only. Use your blue sacks for recyclables.
  • Properties should not present both a wheeled bin and lilac sacks for collection.
  • Extra recycling will be collected if presented neatly by the side of the blue sacks in a clear sack or a cardboard box. Please do not use black bags for recycling.

Food caddies can be collected with the following liners:

  • Plastic carrier bags
  • Supermarket carrier bags
  • Pedal bin liners (not black bags)
  • Other plastic bags (e.g. bread bags and salad bags)
  • Compostable bags
  • Newspaper
  • No liner

Lilac sacks are delivered twice a year in March/April and October/November. Please ensure you use the recycling and food waste recycling service fully in order to help reduce the amount of waste sent for disposal and to ensure that the supply of lilac sacks provided lasts for 6 months.

For more information on what to recycle please visit our what goes into each bin page.

If you require additional blue sacks or a food waste caddy, please contact us.