Bin collection reminders

Mobile app reminders

We have a free mobile app which allows you to check your bin collection day and get automatic reminders to put the right bins out.

Download on the App Store or Google Play via our mobile app page.

Email reminders 

To register for the email reminder service, simply email your collection day (e.g. Wednesday) to for Blue Calendars or for Red Calendars.

To stop the email reminder service, simply email 'STOP' to for Blue Calendars or email 'STOP' to for Red Calendars.

Text reminders

Please note that this service has been reset; to continue with this service, you will need to re-register.

To register for the text reminder service in the blue calendar area, simply text your collection day (e.g. Wednesday) to 07786 200848. To register for text reminders in the red calendar area, text your collection day (e.g. Wednesday) to 07786 200424.

To stop the text reminder service, simply text 'STOP' to 07786 200848 for blue calendars or text 'STOP' to 07786 200424 for red calendars.

Bin day checker

Use our online bin collection day checker:

Find your bin day