Two-year HMO licence application criteria

Two-year HMO licence application criteria

To receive a two-year licence you must:

  1. Complete a valid application when sent the first renewal reminder. A valid application consists of:
    • A renewal application form submitted
    • Stage One fee payment
    • Signed declaration returned
  2. All documentation must be received at least two weeks before the licence expiry date.
  3. Sign and return the “two-year checklist” confirming you understand the following criteria must be met to award a two year licence and that these criteria will be checked on application. A signed checklist is required per property:
    • No fit and proper person concerns
    • HMO meets standards – minor new repair conditions may be allowed on officer discretion, no carried forward conditions allowed
    • Up to 2 justified* service requests in last year
    • Safety certificates must be submitted to us and be current and satisfactory and the certificates on record with us should evidence a continuous history
    • Fire risk assessment undertaken and confirmed by signing the checklist
    • Planning permission granted (change of use or certificate of lawful use) or clear historic use
    • All building work requiring building control approval  properly certified
    • Stage two fee paid as requested

*See important information below

Important information to note

It is your responsibility to meet all of the eligibility criteria for the two year licence and provide all necessary evidence on application. 

If you do not submit the application or documents two weeks before your licence expiry then a one year licence will automatically be issued. If your application for a two year licence is rejected, then if you have overpaid the fee you will be refunded the difference between the standard fee and your selected fee.

“Justified service request” means where the council have investigated and have evidence that supports the allegation and / or had to take action to resolve the issue.

Should any issues arise or new information be discovered after the licence is issued, Oxford City Council reserves the right to vary your licence to reduce the term or revoke the licence. Providing false or misleading information or made a false declaration, is an offence under the Housing Act 2004.

Fire risk assessments for licensed HMOs

Having a fire risk assessment for your licensed HMO is a legal requirement under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which is enforced by the Fire and Rescue Authority. The duty is placed on the ‘responsible person’ who could be the landlord/licence holder or an agent with full management control. The assessment must be ‘suitable and sufficient’, and assistance from an appropriately competent person should be sought as necessary to achieve this.

Our acceptance of your fire risk assessment/self-declaration does not protect you from any action required by the Fire and Rescue Authority. Should the Fire and Rescue Authority carry out an audit of your risk assessment, you could be asked to undertake further work or be subject to enforcement action.