Better Broadband for Oxfordshire

Better Broadband for Oxfordshire is a £35m programme to bring fibre enabled broadband (speeds of 24mbps and above) to homes and businesses in Oxfordshire. Phase 1 delivery ended in December 2015 and brought superfast broadband to 90% of homes and businesses in all of Oxfordshire. Phase 2 delivery will extend coverage to 95% by the end of December by 2017.  Phase 2 delivery in West Oxfordshire District is being delivered by Cotswolds Broadband.

The programme is collaboration between Oxfordshire County Council, the Government (through BDUK) and BT, designed to boost the local economy by bringing broadband to the vast majority of residents and businesses across the county.

In addition, a local partnership was formed last year between Oxfordshire Local Enterprise (OxLEP), the District Councils of South Oxfordshire, Cherwell, Vale of White Horse and Oxford City Council and the County Council to enable our programme to reach even more homes and businesses in Oxfordshire.

The local partnership contribution breakdown:

  • South Oxfordshire District Council - £1.09 million
  • Cherwell District Council - £545,000
  • Vale of White Horse District Council - £272,000
  • Oxford City Council - £168,000
  • OxLEP - £2,045,000
  • SEMLEP - £120,000
  • BT - £13,300,000
  • OCC - £10,300,000

This programme is now bringing significant social and economic benefits to rural areas where access to broadband has been previously slow or there has been a gap due to no commercial providers delivering the necessary infrastructure. By stepping in to fill the gaps not served commercially, both businesses and homes across the county have and will continue to benefit significantly.

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All residents and businesses should benefit

Making sure that everyone has access to some form of broadband connection will boost business efficiency, streamline and reduce costs for providing the council’s numerous customer services; it will also enrich leisure and social time. Almost everybody will benefit from this major investment.

The current rollout of superfast broadband is on track to deliver coverage to 95% of Oxfordshire by 2017. However we are determined to help those with the slowest connections by providing, via a new satellite offer, an immediate boost to their available speeds ahead of any future planned improvements.

Subsidised satellite offer

To support homes and businesses in the most remote areas of Oxfordshire we are offering a subsidised satellite broadband connection if they are currently unable to obtain an affordable broadband service of at least 2 Mbps. The scheme is part of BDUK’s commitment to make sure every home and business in the UK can access speeds of at least 2 Mbps by the end of 2015.

Subsidies of up to £350 are made available to each qualifying household and users are then responsible for paying any remaining cost of installation and commissioning (if any) and ongoing service charges.

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Better Broadband for Oxfordshire on track, on budget and on time!

Thanks to the Better Broadband for Oxfordshire programme, around 80,000 premises across Oxfordshire now have access to faster fibre broadband, including many in some of the more difficult to reach parts of the county. Of those 80,000, more than 65,200 households and businesses have access to ‘superfast’ broadband speeds of 24 megabits and above.

This connection rate means that the programme has achieved what we promised back in 2013 when it started. We are now moving to stage 2 of the programme - delivering broadband to even more communities across Oxfordshire over the next 2 years.

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Visit the Better Broadband for Oxfordshire website to get the very latest from the project and find out how you can benefit from better broadband.