Wireless Concession Scheme

A Wireless Concession is where a local authority grants a telecoms company the right to use its owned assets to provide a wireless communications network (which can include WiFi) and receives payment in return.

These assets are usually street furniture (e.g. lampposts, CCTV, traffic lights etc.) and in some cases buildings.

This type of scheme can often help with mobile phone coverage and is particularly useful for visitors for route guidance and to find out what's on etc.

Wireless Concession in Oxford 

With over 9.5 million visitors, Oxford is a prime location for such a scheme and this project is looking at the feasibility of facilitating one in Oxford.

We are currently in the planning phase and in discussions with our partners Oxfordshire County Council.

Assuming all the right conditions are available in Oxford, the intention is to reach as wide an area as possible and not just the city centre.

However, the exact extent of the area will be established when the project is in the procurement phase, through the bidding and licensing processes.

Based on the success of other similar wireless concessions in other cities within the UK, it is anticipated that adopting such a strategy will contribute to and enhance the Council's wider digital aspirations for Oxford.

The delivery of this project would be a key step in using publicly owned infrastructure in a commercially pragmatic way to support business, promote the tourism and retail sectors, and enhance wider community engagement through the potential provision of free WiFi access and improved WiFi and mobile coverage within Oxford.