Smart Oxford

Smart Oxford Projects

There are three main strands of work:

  • working strategically with partners to identify and foster projects that further our goals.
  • marketing them to potential investors, including government;
  • winning investment to deliver projects.

A key objective is development of an open and inclusive information infrastructure and data exchange across the full range of Oxford’s services that will support citizen’s interaction to underpin the Smart Oxford Vision. This initiative is about ensuring that the city and county can benefit from innovation and technology.

Smart Oxford’s partners are working on numerous projects:

  • Monitoring flood risk through smart sensors and the ’Internet of Things’
  • integrating transport more fully and enhancing people’s experience of travel
  • monitoring and managing energy use in buildings to improve efficiency
  • local renewable energy sources to drive down our carbon emissions
  • Compiling open and accessible data sets that can help us understand how the city operates and can be used by innovators to develop new applications that improve the city for everyone.

More information and key contacts can be found on the Oxford Smart City website.

Twitter: @OxfordSmartCity