Oxford's business sectors

Professional services

In a city with such a diverse business base, it can be overlooked that Oxford has significant potential as a professional service headquarters location; located centrally to the UK market, close to national road connections, and benefitting from significant investment in rail locally. Oxford Business Park includes a number of professional service companies. The recent consolidation of Centrica in Oxford is one practical example.

The following activities employ over 10,200 people in the city

  • consultancy
  • financial
  • insurance
  • real estate
  • legal
  • advertising
  • administrative and information services

Moreover, these firms contribute more widely to the success of the local economy by providing competitive and locally available skills to other businesses.

The major professional firms, such as legal and accountancy, are positioned to provide a lower cost base than London practices as well as compete for local business. Oxford is also home to large companies in specialist sectors including market research firms SPA Future Thinking and A.C. Nielsen.