Oxford's business sectors

Health and Bio-technology

Oxford is a major centre for teaching hospitals and home to a cluster of acute and specialist medical organisations which together employ around 14,400 people, or 13% of the total workforce, supporting a further 2,700 jobs. These assets link closely with healthcare research undertaken at the universities. Oxford University’s plans to expand medical and clinical research will create more opportunity for discovery and growth.

The health sector is a catalyst for the region’s biotechnology sector. According to the Oxford Biotechnology Network’s (OBN) Biocluster Report 2011, the Oxfordshire biotechnology cluster comprises 163 companies, of which 49 are based in Oxford. During the financial crisis, the cluster continued to grow.

Oxford has numerous strengths in particular biotechnology subsectors, including drug discovery and development, diagnostics, medical technology and imaging. There are approximately 7,200 jobs in biotechnology sub-sectors in Oxfordshire, with significant growth projected.

Key companies in Oxford include Oxford Nanopore (130 employees), Oxford Biomedica (95 employees) Genzyme (129 employees) and Sharpe Europe (105 employees). The role of Big Data innovation in health will be significantly boosted by the Li Ka Shing Centre for Health Information and Discovery as well as the Big Data Institute, which will analyse large datasets to improve the understanding and treatment of human disease. This is one of the first examples of this type of innovative research in the world and the Centre will house over 600 scientists.