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Oxford is diverse and strong local economy, contributing approximately £4.7bn to the UK economy, and is a growth hub for the knowledge and high-tech industries located across the county. A few key facts demonstrate Oxford’s economic importance well.

  • Oxford is recognised as the most innovative place in the UK, by the Enterprise Research Council.
  • Oxford has the second highest concentration of knowledge intensive employment of 326 English authority areas.
  • Oxford’s GVA per capita is estimated to be the fifth of any city in the UK.
  • Oxford is home to approximately 158,000 residents, 4,600 businesses providing 114,000 jobs.
  • 7 million tourists visit the city each year.
  • Seven of the ten largest employers in Oxfordshire are based in Oxford. 
  • There is a high level of in-commuting, with about half of Oxford's workforce living outside its boundary.

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Oxford's Profile