Buildings converted exclusively into self-contained flats that are HMOs and HMO licensing

A building converted exclusively into self-contained flats is a ‘Section 257’ house in multiple occupation if:

EITHER: The building conversion was completed before 1st June 1992 and the building work does not meet the 1991 Building Regulations 

OR: The building conversion was after 1st June 1992 and the building work did not comply with the Building Regulations at the time of conversion and still does not comply with them

AND: Less than two-thirds of the self-contained flats are owner-occupied

AND: The building is occupied by three or more people from two or more households

In Oxford, all HMOs must have an HMO licence until 24 January 2021. After this date section 257 HMOs will not need a licence unless we renew the additional licensing scheme. Visit our Property Licensing Consultation page to take part in the consultation on this scheme.