Area Forums

Area Forums are meetings held across five geographical areas of the city, providing an opportunity for local people to discuss priority issues for the community and agree actions with other residents, councillors, city council teams and other partners.

Provisional dates and venues for the new Area Forums are shown below. These times may be subject to change, so please check again before arriving. The times shown are for the formal start of the meeting.


Action Sheets

Area Forum Map

Area forum map


1. Barton and Sandhills 8. Headington Hill and Northway 15. Marston 22. St Mary's
2. Blackbird Leys 9. Hinksey Park 16. North 23. Summertown
3. Carfax 10. Holywell 17. Northfield Brook 24. Wolvercote
4. Churchill 11. Iffley Fields 18. Quarry and Risinghurst  
5. Cowley 12. Jericho and Osney 19. Rose Hill and Iffley  
6. Cowley Marsh 13. Littlemore 20. St Clement's  
7. Headington 14. Lye Valley 21. St Margaret's