Charging you for major work

If we plan to spend over £250 per home on any one set of work to your block or estate, we have a legal duty to consult all leaseholders who will need to contribute.

These charges cover large spending and are often programmed several years in advance.

We will also consult with you on any services we provide (for example window cleaning) where the cost of the service to you is likely to be more than £100 for the year and for a period longer than 12 months.

What we will tell you 

We must provide you with certain information about the work, such as;

  • the cost
  • the reasons why we consider it necessary to carry out the work.

This is often referred to as ‘Section 20 consultation’ because of the legislation that originally introduced the requirement.

How we consult you 

When any major work is planned we will write to you and ask for your comments. We may also hold a meeting with the leaseholders involved.

If the work is a genuine emergency we may need to carry it out without consulting you in advance.