Oxford Jukebox

Oxford Jukebox

The Oxford Jukebox is an arcade-style cabinet that tells stories from the Museum of Oxford in a unique way. Take a seat, slip on some headphones, and watch as each photograph comes to life.

Audience members are invited to choose from the selection of cards and have control over how many and in which order they wish the stories to be played. Each card plays a two-minute sequence. On its own this will give you a self-contained and unique experience, but if you continue, the connections between the cards begin to build a bigger picture.

Each card is unique and the stories are brought to life in different ways. Some cards have simple animation within the image; some have projections that spread out on the tabletop; some play digitised cine-films on the back and some use binaural audio to increase the immersive nature of the experience.

The Oxford Jukebox will be available to view in Oxford Town Hall when it is in residence in the Gallery.

Jukebox Collections

The Oxford Jukebox currently offers three collections:

  • Alice In Oxford: A journey through the links between Alice Liddell, the little girl that inspired Lewis Carroll's famous stories of Alice in Wonderland and Charles Dodgson, the Oxford Don that wrote the stories inspired by Oxford's dreaming spires.
  • How a Car Factory Changed a City: Find out about how William Morris, Lord Nuffield, changed the face of the city of Oxford and its people by building a car plant in Cowley.
  • Oxford's Sporting History: Discover the heroes and heroines of Oxford's sporting past through images, sporting successes and the memories of local people.

Jukebox Hire

The Jukebox is available for venues to hire for residencies of 4 to 8 weeks. For more information about how to book and availability for residencies, please contact us. Ka


The Oxford Jukebox has been created and curated by Stand + Stare.