Tree queries

If you have a query regarding a particular tree, please make sure you contact the correct person or organisation responsible for that tree.

Trees owned by Oxford City Council

Report a tree

If you have a query about a tree for which we are responsible, please download our Council trees customer advice guide to get the answer to your query.

If you need to report a tree, please contact us on 01865 249811.

Trees considered dangerous

A dangerous tree is one which is in such a poor condition that it may be about to collapse either in part or whole. A dangerous tree may or may not be hazardous depending upon where it grows. For example a tree in a field is less potentially hazardous than one in a public park.

Examples of signs to look for which may mean that a tree is in such condition to warrant swift action:

  • Tree is snapped or blown over
  • Tree has uprooted but is held up by another tree or building
  • A large branch has broken off or is hanging in the tree
  • Tree or branch is blocking the road or footpath
  • Tree or branch is blocking access to property
  • Tree may, or has fallen onto house or car
  • Presence of fungal brackets or mushrooms 

If you believe that a tree owned by us is dangerous and is in need of immediate action, the following information is very important to us:

  1. Area tree is located (street/park etc.)
  2. Location within Area (Opposite no “…..”  next to “…. ” Over “footpath, bench etc”
  3. Issue - Consider signs to look for above.

By giving this information, an inspection of the tree will be booked in as soon as possible after consideration of the risk to the public in relation to its position.

An assessment can then be made to determine the best action, identify possible tree works and assign a priority to these works taking place.

Trees can be made safe via pruning or felling. Typically we would employ the most cost effective approach balancing the needs of the tree and the enquirer. But, for certain high value trees we would consider other options to reduce risk to an acceptable level including options to reduce the likelihood of the tree failing or the likelihood of persons being close to the tree if it did fail.

To report a dangerous tree please contact us on 01865 249811.

Privately owned trees

If the tree is privately owned, please contact the land owner who will need to arrange for work to be carried out.

We can provide commercial tree services including surveying, planting and maintenance. Please visit our Oxford Direct Services website for more information or to arrange a quote.

Council tenants

If you are a council tenant and have a problem with a tree, please contact us.