Greening Oxford - Leaves for Life - Plant a tree or hedgerow for the Queen’s Jubilee

Sponsor a street tree

Oxford businesses we need you!

Invest in Oxford’s environment and help provide a lasting legacy to mark the Platinum Jubilee

Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire’s Lord Lieutenant are working together to increase the canopy cover in Oxford as part of the national Queen’s Green Canopy (QGC) project. This encourages everyone including individuals, community groups, organisations, schools and businesses to "Plant a Tree for the Jubilee" - or more wherever possible! Our canopy includes trees and hedgerows and this project will also contribute to Oxford City Council’s Leaves for Life campaign. More leaves equals more wildlife and less pollution!

In response to the climate emergency, Oxford City Council has planted over 10,000 new trees in its green spaces in recent years. What we need now is help to increase the number of street trees, because they are expensive to provide and maintain. Street trees are particularly important because they reduce pollution in urban areas where it has the greatest impacts on health, and they can provide us with beautiful environments that create a sense of place and wellbeing. We know that we have fewer trees in more deprived parts of the city and we want to redress that balance.

Sponsor a Street Tree

Planting and maintaining healthy street trees is an involved and costly process due to the complexities of establishing viable tree pits in pavement areas with underlying services, and the on-going care needed to avoid root compaction and canopy health. The cost of purchase, establishment, watering, on-going aboricultural care and insurance of each street tree costs around £20,000 during the course of its life.

We are looking for sponsors to fund the initial phase to establish a pavement tree pit, purchase and plant a semi-grown tree and water it for the first three years. We plan to provide a new avenue of street trees in at least one location to mark the Jubilee, but every new tree in the city will make a difference.

By sponsoring new street trees your company will be implementing its commitment to environmental sustainability by contributing to a lasting legacy to help tackle carbon emissions and support a wide range of wildlife, as well as making Oxford an attractive place to live and work. You are invited to sponsor single or multiple trees; details of costs are provided below. The costs are for high specification tree pits to ensure the long-term survival of the tree and minimise tree root damage.

  • Establishment of an industry approved pavement tree pit (BS8545:2014) and protective resin bond surface - £4,500
  • Purchase of semi-grown tree and watering for the first three years - £500
  • Total - £5,000

We will acknowledge your business as an official sponsor on Oxford City Council’s website and via our social media campaigns. Any tree that you sponsor will be marked on the Queen’s Green Canopy interactive map and attributed to your business.

As well as sponsoring street trees, there are other ways that businesses can help. For example, you could buy trees or hedgerow trees for your employees to plant in their gardens or plant trees or hedgerows on your own land. For more information and for links to advice and guidance please visit our Greening Oxford - Leaves for Life page.

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If you are interested in discussing the sponsorship scheme further, then please get in touch with Jessica Goodenough on or 01865 252894.