Greening Oxford - Leaves for Life - Plant a tree or hedgerow for the Queen’s Jubilee

Advice on what and how to plant

When choosing to plant a tree or hedgerow make sure you follow the principle of “right tree, right place”.

  • Trees and hedgerows have a much better chance of surviving and thriving if they are planted between October and April, ideally between November and March. We call this the planting season.
  • If you have a small garden, choose a small tree. We recommend small fruit trees such as the ones listed in the links below.
  • Don’t plant too close to buildings or walls as the tree won’t thrive and you could cause damage to the building.
  • Consider your neighbours: will your tree shade their property or eventually grow over your boundary?

For detailed information about planting and species, please visit:

For professional advice and guidance visit the The Arboricultural Association website.

If you’ve missed this planting season, don’t worry! There is plenty you can do to support trees and hedgerows in Oxford. In the meantime you can:

  • Plan what and how you are going to plant in October – March. You may need to order your tree or hedgerow in advance
  • Volunteer to help our gardeners, countryside rangers or other colleagues in your local park or open space. Visit the volunteering in parks and open spaces pages of our website.
  • Learn how to identify tree and hedgerow species using the Woodland Trust’s free app
  • Go on a tree walk! For more information visit the Oxford Tree Trails website
  • Observe your local trees and hedgerows to see what wildlife they’re supporting
  • Ask your employer what their tree or hedgerow planting plans are.