Oxford City TPO and Conservation Area Locations

Use our map below to search for the presence of tree preservation orders (TPO) or conservation areas (CA) in Oxford City. Please read the instructions at the end of the page for help on using the map.

Tree preservation advice

  • If you are considering works to a tree which you feel is not protected, or are unable to interpret the map, please contact planning@oxford.gov.uk for more information
  • All trees with a trunk/stem diameter greater than 75mm as measured at 1.5 metres from ground level are protected within a conservation area
  • Works to a protected tree without permission can result in a fine of up to £20,000 in magistrates court, or an unlimited fine if it reaches crown court
  • For more information please read our Tree preservation orders page

Using the map

  • To search the map for a property click on the three lined menu located in the top left hand corner of the screen
  • Click the search icon, type the address or postcode and press enter
  • The map will plot a blue icon on the approximate location of the selected address (please note that this is approximate and may need to be checked)
  • On the legend, deselect the Oxford City Boundary eye icon
  • Click the selected location on the map to determine if in a CA
  • Information on the clicked area should be displayed in an information box
  • Use the arrows on the top right hand corner of the information box to view different TPO/CA data
  • Please be aware that TPO locations are indicated on the map by small yellow pins (named Coordinates on the legend) and by the TPO designations as shown in the legend