Character assessment resources

Several other organisations have provided guidance on assessing how the character of an area is formed and how it should be managed.  These may be helpful in considering how to use the information generated by using our toolkit survey forms.

English Heritage

English Heritage provide guidance documents and support for undertaking studies of local character, and historic area assessments.

Oxford Preservation Trust

Oxford Preservation Trust have undertaken and commissioned numerous surveys of local character.

Department of Transport

The Department for Transport have provided guidance through Manual for Streets since 2007, with a follow-up publication in 2010.  This includes character assessment as a step within Context Appraisal for new developments.

Design Council

How well a scheme for development respects local character by incorporating existing buildings, landscape and topography is one of the twenty criteria for assessing the success of new developments set out within the Building for Life Standard for well designed homes and neighbourhoods.

Natural England

Landscape Character Assessment, which applies the principles of character assessment to large geographical areas was pioneered by the Countryside Commission, now part of Natural England.

Historic Towns Forum

The Historic Towns Forum have provided information on design of new development in context that can be downloaded by members from their website.