Electric Vehicles - Overview

We are keen to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles in the city as a more environmentally friendly alternative to petrol or diesel cars. Electric vehicles have come a long way in recent years and current models are now on a par with conventional vehicles in terms of driving experience and comfort, only far quieter, considerably cheaper to run and miles better for the environment.

Electric vehicles have potential beneficial impacts both in terms of improving air quality (in the form of reduced emissions of nitrogen dioxide and particulates) and through the reduction of carbon emissions.

Our ambition is set out in our Low Emission Strategy and Air Quality Action Plan which both recommend providing support for the uptake of low and zero emission vehicles, as well as even more environmentally friendly transport such as walking, cycling and public transport.

Increasing the use of electric vehicles in the city could also contribute to meeting the carbon emission reduction targets for the city.

Support for the uptake of low and zero emission vehicles

In moving forward with the new Air Quality Action Plan and Low Emission Strategy we will:

  • Develop low emission and zero emission vehicles in our own fleet, including development of an electric vehicle car-pool for the Council.
  • Promote the uptake of electric vehicles by working with our partners to install electric vehicle recharging infrastructure.
  • Investigate the potential to offer reduced parking fees or preferential parking for low emission vehicles.
  • Promote the development of low and zero emission car clubs schemes in the city.