Land quality and planning applications

Land contamination is a material consideration in the planning process and responsibility for securing a safe development rests with the developer and/or landowner.

Question 14 of the planning application form requires an appropriate contamination assessment to be submitted alongside any application that is known or suspected to be on land affected by contamination or involves the creation of a particularly sensitive use.

We have produced a Guide for Developers to assist with development on land affected, or potentially affected, by contamination.   To find out if your development may be affected by land contamination, request an Environmental Search.

Minimum planning application requirements 

The minimum requirements for submission with a planning application are set out below;

Phase 1 desk study, site walkover and preliminary risk assessment

  • Development of land known or suspected to be contaminated
  • Major development

Contaminated Land Questionnaire

  • Any new dwelling
  • New floor space for hospitals or education
  • Nursery or crèche
  • Play areas 
  • Mixed use developments incorporating any of the above 

Getting planning advice

We offer professional specialist advice to developers in the pre-application planning phase. Our goal is to help identify any potential issues prior to your planning application to avoid complications during the application determination period while also saving time and money.

Get formal planning advice

More information 

List of National and Local Planning Application Validation Requirements