Oxford Station masterplan

The Oxford Station Area Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) was formally adopted by the City Council on 28 November 2017.

This SPD seeks to guide development proposals as part of an overarching vision to create a new transport interchange and a distinctive gateway to Oxford. The SPD provides a comprehensive and coherent policy framework to maximise the development potential of the Oxford Station Area and generate a positive dynamic with surrounding opportunity sites. The SPD sets out an indicative Masterplan which builds on the original 2014 Masterplan that was developed by a tripartite partnership of Oxford City Council, Oxfordshire County Council and Network Rail.

The SPD and supporting documents are available for inspection on our Oxford Station SPD page.

The SPD will help deliver a number of objectives and priorities in translating the Station Masterplan into an SPD that:

  • Promotes an outward-looking development that creates synergies with neighbouring development sites;
  • Acts as an effective gateway into Oxford (and through Botley Road and points west);
  • Is safe and convenient for pedestrians and cyclists;
  • Promotes an excellent / maximised connectivity network with the station at its core;
  • Maximises development potential of the station area responding positively to the operational requirements of the railway and forecast increase in passenger numbers;
  • Responds imaginatively and sensitively to Oxford’s heritage context;
  • Incorporates progressive and sound urban design principles and guidance;
  • Address the three-dimensional design issues in its massing strategy;
  • Addresses opportunities to maximise value as well as development quantum;
  • Helps to ensure the vision for a high quality public realm, integrated transport interchange and associated development are accompanied by appropriate flexibility in design and implementation to maximise viability.

Oxford City Council continues to work closely with the County Council, OxLEP, Network Rail and the Department of Transport to secure the significant investment required to take the Masterplan forward.

Project update - July 2021

The Oxford Station Masterplan is in options development stage.  Atkins have been appointed to develop a number of options which we have been using as the basis for discussions with key stakeholders such as landowners and with our strategic board.

The next steps (over August/September 2021) will be to consult on the options with wider stakeholders including bus companies, taxi companies before going out to public consultation later this year.  The public consultation is currently programmed to launch in December 2021 / January 2022.

Oxford Station illustrative masterplan