The Leys Regeneration Project

Leys Regeneration Drawing


The regeneration of the Blackbird Leys area is underpinned by a substantial policy framework including the Core Strategy (March 2011) and the Oxford Regeneration Framework (2010). 

This project seeks to create a holistic model for regeneration that links the physical redevelopment of the area with social aspects to realise increased benefits.  This will be achieved by:

  • Embedding the community in the project from the start of the procurement and masterplanning processes.
  • Bringing together public services to share space and share knowledge
  • Investigating new ways of making housing available for key workers such as teachers, nurses, technicians and others.
  • Setting up a learning programme for school pupils and young people about the regeneration project.
  • Undertaking a study into the best practice design and management of flatted properties.
  • Seeking to understand more about our elderly residents' motivations for downsizing and how this might free up more homes for families.

Regeneration plans for the Blackbird Leys Central Area

The district centre of Blackbird Leys was developed in the 1950s and '60s with many of the buildings now suffering from significant deterioration. In particular the retail block and community centre are nearing the end of their design life and carry significant maintenance liabilities. The poor quality public realm, dominated by the highway, and fragmented land uses are unattractive and represent inefficient use of land which could be better used to address the housing shortage.

Consideration has been given to how the district centre can be redeveloped in full, or in part, to regenerate the area, provide new residential accommodation and refresh the physical environment creating greater vitality and attractive public space at the heart of the Leys community which is home to some 13,100 residents.

To be able to make these improvements we need a regeneration partner who will work with us and the community to develop plans and help deliver the project. A report was considered by Councillors on 11 June 2015 outlining a proposal to seek a suitable development partner and a copy of the report is available on our City Executive Board pages.

Updates, as they become available, will be posted on this page and will include project updates as well as information on how to be involved. As the project progresses, there will also be regular features in the Leys News Community Newspaper.

If you have any questions please contact us