Barton Regeneration

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Over the next four years we will invest in regenerating the existing Barton estate, despite significant cuts to the funding that we receive from the government.

Under the scheme - titled ‘Investing in Barton’ - we will improve the blocks of flats, the Community Centre, enhance the street environment, improve security, and redevelop the face of the community - Underhill Circus. 

The improvements will go a long way in helping to integrate the existing estate with the new Barton development, where 875 homes are scheduled to be built and the first residents expected by 2017.

Consultations with Barton residents are already underway, so please look out for your opportunity to share your views on the scheme of works which will include:

  • Improvements to all blocks of flats, starting with Stowford Road and Bayswater Road
  • Transformation of the entrance foyer in the Barton Neighbourhood Centre including reception, lighting and signage to help people find their way around the centre more easily
  • Extension of the Health Centre in the Community Centre, enabling improved health services for the area
  • New and refurbished street signage including ‘Welcome to Barton’ signs 
  • Uncluttering the street environment by installing screened bin storage areas 
  • Significant redevelopment of Underhill Circus, detailed proposals of which are currently being worked up.

Showcasing of ‘Investing in Barton’ regeneration programme

We will be at the Barton Bash on 15 October 2016 to provide residents with updates on our programme of improvements for Barton. Council officers will also hear residents' views on plans to refurbish the Neighbourhood Centre and redevelop Underhill Circus.

The Barton Bash, which takes place from 12pm to 4.30pm this Saturday, is the community’s biggest annual event. We will use the occasion to exhibit scheduled and proposed improvement works under the ‘Investing in Barton’ programme.

For more information about the event, visit our Barton Bash news page.

Exhibition boards

Please submit your comments in the box in Barton Neighbourhood Centre or by emailing [email protected].

Improvements to all blocks of flats starting with Stowford and Bayswater Roads

We are making a variety of improvements to the outside of all blocks of flats over the next four years, and will ensure they are in good repair. This will vary from block to block, depending on need, existing issues and residents’ views. We will also improve the internal communal areas and clear up the street environment.

For Stowford Road and Bayswater Road , planning applications have been submitted for the following - relocation of bin storage, insertion of permeable fence with associated landscaping.

To see details of the planning applications please use links below.

  • 16/02588/CT3 -  2 to 24 Stowford Road Oxford Oxfordshire OX3 9PJ
  • 16/02596/CT3 - 26 to 60 Stowford Road Oxford Oxfordshire OX3 9PJ
  • 16/02597/CT3 - 55 to 89 Bayswater Road Oxford Oxfordshire OX3 9PD


Artist impression of Stowford Road flats regeneration


Artist impression of Stowford Road flats improvements