Apply for help with your council garden

Our Summer Garden Scheme entitles some of our housing tenants to a maximum of one hour's work once a month to cut lawns, prune and cut hedges and borders. This equates to two gardeners attending to your garden for 30 minutes.

Some smaller gardens may receive fewer visits, at our discretion. The scheme is not for gardens that are excessively overgrown.

Over the summer period there may be times we will be unable to carry out hedge works due to the legislation around nesting birds.


There are limited spaces available. The scheme is aimed at those in most need. In order to qualify you need to be;

  • The tenant of the property
  • In receipt of full or partial Housing Benefit or Universal Credit Housing Cost Element
  • In receipt of PIP, DLA or AA (receipt of your benefit  must be provided to proceed with this application)
  • Physically unable to cope with your garden
  • Have no one else living at your property, or family living in Oxfordshire, physically capable of looking after your garden for you
  • Not applied to buy your Oxford City Council home

How to apply

This year’s 2022 scheme is now closed.

To apply for next year's Summer Garden Scheme, check you meet the criteria above and then download the application form or contact us for a form:

Summer Garden Scheme Application Form

The closing date for new applications is Friday 17 March 2023. Applications received after this date will be put on a waiting list in date order of when the application was received.

Winter Clearance Scheme

Our Winter Clearance Scheme runs over the winter period. The scheme is open to any of our tenants that need help getting their badly overgrown garden back under control.

It involves a one off visit to cut back overgrowth, brambles etc. to a level that you are then able to manage it yourself.

There are limited spaces available so please contact us on 01865 249811 to register.