How we are funded

The money that we spend on our services comes from five different sources;

  1. Central government grant (reduced to zero for 2019-20)
  2. Business rates
  3. Council tax
  4. Charges for our services
  5. New Homes Bonus

The levels of income we receive from each is shown below:

  2019/20 2018/19
£'000 £'000
Central government grant 0 630
Business rates 9,263 8,132
Council Tax 13,942 13,336
New Homes Bonus 962 1,271
Total 24,167 23,369

General Central Government Grant

Up to 2018-19 Central Government gave us money towards the cost of all the services we provide. This is called the Revenue Support Grant. Our Revenue Support Grant for 2018/19 was £630,000.

From 2019-20 our Government Grant is being reduced to £0.

Business Rates

Business Rates are paid on commercial property, such as factories, offices and shops. The element we are allowed to retain is used to fund council services.

In 2019-20, our Retained Business Rates Income will be £9,263,000.

More can be found on our business rates pages

Council Tax

Council Tax is a form of local taxation, based on the banding of your accomodation.

In 2019-20, our Council Tax income will be £13,942,000, excluding Parish Precepts.

More details can be found on our Council Tax Income page.

Charges for our services

Many of our services are free, but some have a small charge. For example, we charge for car parking around the city and at Park and Ride car parks.

The level of income we receive directly to pay for service provision is available on our Spending Plans page.

Fees and Charges

Please Note: the fees and charges documents above are correct as of April of any given year. Some fees and charges may change after then. Please visit the relevant service area pages of our website to view current fees.