Reduce your textile and material waste

Reduce your textile waste

Over £140 million worth of clothing in the UK goes to landfill annually. Washing correctly, drying right, removing stains, sewing buttons, mending holes, and getting creative reduces waste and saves you money. Learn how to Love Your Clothes.

Any unwanted textiles, materials and shoes can be recycled in the various bring banks across the city.

Top Tips 

  • Where possible consider using 30 degree washing programs, this will help your clothes last longer and save energy
  • Some garments that say 'dry clean' can be carefully hand washed and dried flat
  • To extend the lift of your waterproof clothing, reproof it when it starts to absorb water rather than repelling it
  • Turn jeans inside out and never wash over 40 degrees to keep the colour from fading 
  • Red wine stains can be removed with carbonated or soda water
  • Perspiration marks can be removed with white vinegar