Council Tax charges

Council Tax Charges 2023-24

Council Tax valuations are based on the price the property would have sold for on the open market on 1 April 1991. The 'band' your property is in depends on that valuation

The table below shows how much Council Tax you will pay for the financial year beginning 1 April 2023 based on the area of Oxford in which you live:

Table showing Council Tax Charges for 2023-24 in different bands and areas of Oxford in £'s

Table showing Council Tax Charges for 2023-24 in different bands and areas of Oxford in £'s
Parish/Area Band A (up to £40,000) Band B (£40,001-£52,000) Band C (£52,001-£68,000) Band D (£68,001-£88,000) Band E (£88,001-£120,000) Band F (£120,001-£160,000) Band G (£160,001-£320,000) Band H (over £320,000)
Blackbird Leys     1,554.31     1,813.37     2,072.42     2,331.47     2,849.57     3,367.68     3,885.78     4,662.94
Littlemore     1,571.88     1,833.87     2,095.85     2,357.83     2,881.79     3,405.75     3,929.71     4,715.66
Old Marston     1,573.51     1,835.77     2,098.02     2,360.27     2,884.77     3,409.28     3,933.78     4,720.54
Risinghurst and Sandhills     1,566.59     1,827.71     2,088.80     2,349.90     2,872.09     3,394.30     3,916.49     4,699.80
Unparished areas     1,553.00     1,811.85     2,070.67     2,329.51     2,847.17     3,364.85     3,882.51     4,659.02

Special Expenses in the Unparished Area

Certain services are carried out by Parish Councils. The principal ones are maintenance/upkeep of public parks and open spaces, allotments provision, maintenance of ditches etc. The Parish levies a precept on the Council to cover the cost of these services. The Council pays the precept to the Parish and the cost of this is added to the bills of the residents of that parish. In the Unparished area (the vast majority of dwellings in our administrative area) we have to calculate the cost of provision of those services to the Council and this becomes the Unparished Area Special Expenses.

Council Tax bands for previous years