Register a Small Society Lottery

All Small Society Lotteries require registration under the Gambling Act 2005. This Registration is needed when your organisation intends to sell printed raffle tickets in advance of the date on which the draw will take place.  The Small Society Lottery registration is mainly for charitable purposes.

How to Register

All Small Society Lotteries must be registered with us. You can apply for a licence using the application form below:

Small Society Lotteries Registration Form

The completed application form should be returned with the £40.00 for initial registration.

The registration will last for 12 months  from the date the initial registration fee is paid. An annual renewal fee of £20.00 has to be paid within 2 months prior to the date of expiry each year if the registration is to remain in force. These fees are set nationally.

To ensure that your organisation qualifies under the regulations please visit the Gambling Commission website.