Apply for a Road Closure

Criteria and Guidance

Applications should be submitted to us no later than six weeks before the proposed closure.

Where the application is from an ad hoc body set up for the purpose of one event rather than an established body, the person submitting the application will be held responsible for any costs arising, eg. clearing up, damage to street furniture or road surfaces etc.

The applicant will be required to submit, before an Order to close the street can be made, a copy of a Certificate of Insurance indemnifying us against any claims arising from the event. (For this purpose, limited liability of £10,000,000 will generally be acceptable).

The event shall be organised in such a way that access for pedestrians and essential vehicles can be maintained.

The organiser/applicant will need to ensure that all frontages (both residential and commercial) of the road to be closed, and of any road(s) that directly adjoin the road to be closed, have been individually notified and have no substantial objection.

We will only accept closures for street parties on minor residential roads.

Organisers of events in Broad Street should note that we have agreed not, unless there are good reasons for doing so, to close the street to allow events to take place at the beginning or end of terms, during the examination period and on other dates when events are taking place at colleges.