Apply for a Road Closure

Conditions of a Road Closure

You are responsible for compliance with our requirements;

  • Each road to be closed shall be clearly defined by means of a 'Road Closed' sign as described below supported by means of a trestle or suitable half barrier in the carriageway.
  • Each sign shall read 'ROAD CLOSED' in capitals 6 inches in height, white letters on a red background. For closures of less than one day, paper or card faces posted onto hardboard will be adequate. For longer periods a waterproof sign face is required, e.g. either varnished or gloss paint on hardboard or metal.
  • Any trestle or barrier to be placed in the carriageway shall be painted white and adequately weighted to prevent it from being blown over or the sign dislodged from it. Where these are to remain in place during lighting-up times the offside extremity of each barrier/trestle shall be lit by an approved roadworks lamp.
  • All signing and other physical obstructions in the highway shall be erected and removed, along with any debris resulting from the event, at the times specified in the application notice. Failure to do so will render the applicant/organisers liable to charge for cleaning the highway or even to prosecution for obstructing the highway.