Apply for a Road Closure

How to Apply for a Temporary Road Closure

Applications for road closures to hold an event need to be made on the application form below. If you are intending to hold a Street Party and you need a road closed, please use the application form on our Street Parties page.

Road Closure Application Form - Event

For information about requesting a road closure of an Oxfordshire County Council owned road, visit the Requesting a Road Closure page of their website.

Applications must be received by us no later than six weeks before the closure is required via email to The six week minimum period is for us to carry out consultation, to receive proof of Public Liability insurance, to consider and negotiate upon the event in the light of comments, and to allow time for the application to be taken to the Safety Advisory Group if necessary.

We consult with the following:

  • Highway Authority
  • Police
  • Bus Companies (Stagecoach and Oxford Bus) where a bus route is affected
  • Fire Service
  • Ambulance Service

They ask that the consultees reply within 7 days, and then (if needed) to liaise with the applicant to resolve any issues from the consultation. Some issues may need to be determined at the meeting of the Safety Advisory Group.

Even if the consultation process above throws up no objections, an Order to give effect to a road closure (and thus the event) cannot be progressed unless or until:

  • Evidence of Public Liability Insurance is received.
  • We now required £10 million worth of cover. We are satisfied that there is no significant objection from road frontages. The applicant carries consultation with. The applicant needs to satisfy us that all frontages have been individually notified and that there is no substantial objection.