Apply for a Minor Variation to a Premise Licence

Apply for a Minor Variation to a Premises Licence

The Minor Variations process is designed to allow licensees to make small changes to their licences more quickly and cheaply.

Removing the requirement for a designated premises supervisor and personal licence at a community premises allows the management committee of village halls, church halls, chapel halls, community halls and similar community premises to apply to be collectively responsible for the supervision of alcohol sales instead of a designated person with a personal licence.

The Guidance sets out four main types of minor variation application:

  1. Minor changes to the structure or layout or a premises
  2. Small adjustments to licensing hours
  3. Conditions: removal of irrelevant or unenforceable conditions
  4. Licensable activities: adding certain licensable activities, including live music

Application forms can be downloaded below:

Minor Variations to a Premises Licence