Privacy notice

Personal data we collect

We collect your personal data for a variety of purposes. Please see specific purposes for more details. You provide some of this data when you fill in a form (online or paper), when you speak to us on the phone or face to face. We get some of it from automatic recording e.g. cookies.

When we no longer require your personal data, it is deleted according to our retention policy. 

The data we collect can include the following:

Name and contact details: we collect your name, your address, your email address, your phone number and similar contact details. These are used to provide you with services and to contact you in relation to services. If you have given permission, we also use these for marketing purposes for services/events provided by us or by others in the local area. If you have given permission for third party marketing, we additionally may pass this data to third parties for carefully selected marketing relevant to your permissions.

Demographic data: this includes age and gender. We may collect more sensitive characteristics such as nationality, race, religion, sexuality and ethnicity in order to fulfil our obligations under the Equalities Act 2010. These sensitive characteristics are only used for the purposes of the Equalities Act or those defined and to which you consented at the time we collected them. Where practicable, these data are managed separately from other data. Where data is used for statistical purposes all data is anonymised.

Financial Data: we collect data about income, outgoings, savings and assets owned in order to provide services to you. These include matters such as benefits.

Health and Care Data: we collect data about your health, including medical conditions, disabilities and information from your healthcare providers where needed to provide services to you. We additionally receive health data about you from third parties such as the NHS and police under a series of multi-agency sharing agreements. Data about you is used to inform our services to you and is only shared with practitioners in those services.