International Links - Perm, Russia

Twin Towns - Perm Russia

Perm is the most easterly city in Europe, situated nine hundred miles east of Moscow, between the mighty Kama River and the Urals Mountains. It has an internationally famous ballet school, a unique collection of religious wooden sculptures, and industries that cover everything from fine paper to aircraft engines.

Perm has been linked to Oxford since 1990, and was officially twinned in 1995.

The link is wide ranging. Exchanges have included politicians and journalists, school children, dancers, hospice workers, teachers, disabled people, artists and photographers, lawyers, student actors, environmentalists, folk singers, and people who are simply curious to explore a Russian city (or an English one.)

The city twinning is buttressed by strong University links (both Oxford and Brookes) and the twinning of Oxfordshire with Perm Region, which is about the size of England.

See the Perm website for more information about the city.

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