International Links - Perm, Russia

Twin Towns - Perm Russia

Perm, Russia - Twinned 1995

The Russian city of Perm is the most easterly city in Europe, situated nine hundred miles east of Moscow on the Kama River close to the Ural Mountains.

With a population of a million, Perm has an internationally famous ballet school, three universities, industries from fine paper to aircraft engines, and an outstanding Art Gallery containing Russian paintings and a unique collection of wooden religious sculptures. Music flourishes everywhere.

Perm has been linked to Oxford since 1990 and hundreds of visitors have explored this once ‘closed’ city.

Joint projects and exchanges over the years have included dancing, journalism conferences, youth football tournaments, school children’s art projects, and annual exchanges of University teachers and graduates. Perm welcomes anyone who is curious to explore a fascinating Russian culture.

The twinning is supported by the Oxford Perm Association who also arrange their own social and cultural calendar of events in Oxford.

For more information, please contact: Oxford Perm Association